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What Makes a Sunscreen Customer’s Best Choice?

What Makes a Sunscreen Customers Best Choice - AVN Footsteps

Summer is approaching and skincare enthusiasts consider it a sin to step out in the sun without wearing good sunscreen. Dermatologists and skin specialists suggest wearing sunscreen even on rainy days or when you are inside your house, then using this holy grail skin product during the summer heat is a no-brainer.

As the demand for sunscreen increases many folds during summer, launching a good sunscreen that meets your customer’s requirements is a sure-shot recipe for success.


AVN footsteps are known as the best cosmetic manufacturer for sunscreen in Baddi. We take utmost care to create a unique product per our client’s requirements. Here are the qualities that make a sunscreen customer’s best choice –

1. SPF

SPF or sun protection factor is an essential part of sunscreen. It can range anywhere between 15 to 70, SPF 15 provides the least amount of protection against UVB rays, while SPF 70 provides the most.

A good sunscreen must have an SPF of more than 30 to provide good sun protection, giving the first and foremost reason to the buyer to purchase it.

2. No White Cast

A big disadvantage of sunscreen is the white cast it leaves on the skin’s surface after application. It can be very annoying for the customer and they will end up hating the product than loving it.

But If you choose the right cosmetic manufacturer in Baddi, like AVN footsteps, then you won’t be disappointed at all. We make no white-cast sunscreens, tried and tested on various skin types.

3. Lightweight & Non-Sticky

Ideal sunscreen is non-oily and non-sticky. It is lightweight and gets absorbed quickly into the skin without giving a sticky or heavy feeling. Those sunscreens which give a heavy feeling to the skin end up making the skin more sweaty and darker.

We, at AVN footsteps, create feather-lite sunscreens by adding lightweight ingredients to the sunscreen and even making it gel-based, you can even launch a separate range for oily skin types. Your customers are going to love this!

4. Compact & Travel-Friendly Packaging

Sunscreen should be in an excellent air-tight tube that is travel-friendly and easy to carry in a bag. The packaging must be spill-proof and must withstand some pressure without getting damaged.

Good and convenient packaging will turn your one-time customer into a regular buyer. AVN footsteps take an extra step with its foolproof packaging to provide our clients with just that!

5. Non-Comedogenic

People are now well aware of such common terms as hypoallergenic, vegan, cruelty-free and non-comedogenic, etc. The more boxes you tick, the higher the chances of your product going viral in the skincare market.

Non-comedogenic sunscreens are those which doesn’t block pores and thus don’t lead to acne/pimples. If your target audience is young females then your sunscreen must be non-comedogenic so that it can become popular with the youth.

If you are looking for a good cosmetic manufacturer in Baddi, AVN footsteps are just a call away!

We will create a beautiful sunscreen for your customers that they won’t leave home without!

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