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Top Face Oils to Trend Globally in 2024

Trending Top Face oils in 2024 AVN Footsteps

Face oils are in great demand and their market is said to grow leaps and bounds in coming times, especially until 2031 (source). This market is worth a million USD and is said to have a boost this winter. The face oil needs to be fast-absorbing, non-irritant, organic, non-greasy, glowy, natural and effective in delivering what it has promised.

To launch the best face oil that your customers are excited to buy, the needs of today’s customers (both men and women) should be understood first. As today’s consumer is aware of his/her skin type (oily, dry, combination, sensitive, normal) etc, the face oil must cater to their specific needs. 

Here are a few face oil trends that will hit the market in the 2024 winter and they are here to stay!

Korean Glass Skin Face Oils

The fever of Korean glass skin is still on globally and face oils are the closest answer! As skin minimalism is going to trend, face oil can give you more in the least number of steps without being too greasy and heavy on the skin.

Light Oil Formula for Oily Acne Prone Skin 

Even oily skin people want to reap the benefits of face oil, so targeting a specific (but large) audience with some lightweight ingredients such as marine bamboo, bakuchiol, retinol (carrot seed oil), squalene, mandelic acid, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, argan oil, tea tree oil etc can become very popular in the acne-squad, being non-comedogenic in nature. 

Anti-ageing Oils 

The biggest market for skincare is because of its anti-ageing benefits. For anti-ageing oils, retinol’s herbal alternative bakuchiol and rosehip oil can be a great addition to the magic oil that can swipe off years from the user’s face with regular use. Other effective anti-ageing face oil compositions can include borealg, ginseng, seabuckthorn, chia seed oil, marine bamboo and natural vitamin E etc.  

Hydrating and Replenishing Oils

One of the primary reasons for applying face oil is to provide hydration to the skin and make it plump. The main ingredients of an amazing hydrating facial oil can range from ectoin to sweet almond oil etc.  

Barrier Repair Face Oils 

Repairing the skin barrier is extremely important for healthy skin, face oils that contain borealg, shea butter, glycerin, squalene, and hyaluronic acid work efficiently in repairing it. 

Face Massage Oil

As gua-sha and jade rollers are in trend and they will always be, a face massage oil that offers an easy glide while absorbing in the skin is what your customer wants. Such oils contain a mild relaxing fragrance with an effective non-comedogenic oil blend. 

Pigmentation & Dark Spots 

Another big concern of beauty product consumers is dark spots, pigmentation and scars. Natural Vitamin C, niacinamide, chamomile, sunflower oil and Kakadu plum oil are some of the excellent choices to vanish those dark spots while making the skin glow!

AVN Footsteps has a plethora of oils and the intelligence & experience to make an oil blend that you can be confident about. Our compositions are well-thought-of and are highly praised among beauty product customers by both genders. We are just a call away from your New Launch!

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