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Product Testing of Cosmetics: What are the Tests Done?

Basics of Product Testing of Cosmetics - AVN Footsteps

You may eventually start to ask what tests are required in order to sell your DIY cosmetics if you intend to do so.

Cosmetics safety testing is a requirement for producing items for sale. You and your consumers are both protected when your items are safe. In many nations, it is also a prerequisite for legality.

Knowing which tests you need to have performed can be complex, and the expense of the testing can be an additional worry.

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1. Physical, chemical, and microbiological testing

In order to be sold in the EU, all cosmetics must be made in accordance with GMPs (GMP). In accordance with GMP, every batch of cosmetic items must undergo physical, chemical, and microbiological testing to guarantee their safety and quality.

The total number of aerobic mesophilic microorganisms, which includes bacteria as well as yeast and molds, must be included in the finished cosmetic product’s microbiological criteria. Depending on the nature of cosmetic products, there are two different types of maximum limitations permitted.

The maximum total count for products designed for children under three, the eye area, or mucous membranes is 100 CFU per g or ml.

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2. Stability testing

Stability testing’s major goal is to make sure that cosmetic products are stored properly so that they retain their intended physical, chemical, and microbiological qualities as well as functioning and appearance.

This analysis aids:

  • Make that the product’s intended shelf life and customer use do not negatively affect its operation or appearance.
  • Assure the product’s stability and physical integrity while it is being stored, transported, or used.
  • Make sure the chemicals are stable.
  • Establish storage conditions.
  • Identify the product’s shelf life.
  • Compatibility testing guarantees that the product and packaging are compatible if it is included in the testing process.

3. Safety and Toxicological testing

Manufacturers are required to conduct safety testing, which includes a toxicology test, to ensure that the raw materials and completed product pose no harm to customers. They can utilize it to assess whether any product ingredients or their mixes pose a risk to users.

To demonstrate how the product affects the skin and eyes while in touch, a number of tests are included, including those for skin irritability, corrosion, penetration, and sensitization (Patch testing), as well as ocular corrosion and irritability.

To complete the Product Information File (PIF), which contract cosmetic manufacturers must submit for any product sold in the European Union, they are all necessary.

4. Compatibility testing with packaging

The container should be tested in addition to the product, particularly if it will come into contact with the finished product. Consumers may be at risk since chemicals can quickly react with other substances or materials.

The compatibility test will determine whether there are any corrosive effects between the formulation of the product and the packaging, as well as any changes to the product’s function or appearance as a result of interaction with the packaging materials.

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If you’re considering creating goods to market, you’ll want to ensure that your creations are expertly formulated, high-quality goods that satisfy consumer needs and successfully pass necessary examinations.

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