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Importance of Colours in Cosmetics Brand Packaging

Importance of Colours in Cosmetics Brand in Packaging - AVN Footsteps

Did you know?

More than 90% of customers claim to take the product packaging’s visual appeal into account before making a purchase.

More than 80% of people feel that the colour of the product packaging is crucial when it comes to only the colours. This also applies to cosmetics. They aid in visual storytelling and brand identity creation. Certain colours may occasionally be employed in third-party manufacturing of cosmetic product packaging to safeguard formulas.

Third Party Manufacturing of Cosmetics

Here is a quick explanation of what the colours on cosmetics packaging imply.

1. White

White typically represents cleanliness, innocence, and purity. White cosmetic packaging promotes purity and safety through colour, despite appearing conservative. The entire array of Dove products is one illustration.

2. Greys and Blacks

Black frequently denotes strength, dominance, and sophistication. Male cosmetics frequently come in black packaging. Brands may use a secondary accent colour depending on their target market. Red and orange are powerful, vibrant colours that lend a sensuous undertone, while softer pastel colours are employed to appeal to feminine viewers. A sophisticated appearance is produced by using gold or silver accents.

3. Blues

The most secure colour for a brand to utilize is blue. Although it can result in predictable and uninteresting packaging, it also conveys dependability and trustworthiness. Older audiences are targeted by the darker blue, while younger audiences are drawn to the lighter shades.

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4. Reds

Reds can arouse one’s senses. They stand for vitality, fervour, sturdiness, and enthusiasm. Brighter colours exude more energy and excitement while darker colours provide a more opulent appearance.

5. Green

Brands typically employ green packaging for natural or environmentally friendly goods. Given that they denote natural and organic products, green is a fantastic choice for nutraceuticals. Greenery is often connected to safety, development, and well-being. Green accents are used in almost all of Himalaya’s product packaging to indicate that they are made from plants.

6. Orange

Orange usage carries some risk. Even if the color denotes optimism and confidence, the design nevertheless has a significant impact. As a result, most companies avoid using Orange for their product packaging.

7. Teal and Turquoise

These hues typically convey calmness and peace. They give the feeling of familiarity. They provide a calming impact and are excellent for products that consumers will use every day.

8. Pinks and Purples

Purple tones typically denote sophistication, whereas pink tones are softer and more feminine. Brighter pink hues are typically intended for a younger audience, such as pre-teens.


What other ways do you think that colour influences cosmetic packaging? Does the tool you use to manage artwork include color management?

Third Party Manufacturing of Cosmetics
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