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How to Correctly Label Cosmetics Products?

How to Correctly Label Cosmetics Products - AVN Footsteps Baddi

Cosmetics with the proper labels not only help you properly market your items but also make it easier for reviews to give your brand the proper attention. Those reviews do matter, indeed. Remember that a first impression cannot be changed. And you must concentrate on proper product labeling and packaging if you are sincere about standing out from your rivals.

Third Party Manufacturing of Cosmetics

If you’re looking for advice on how to properly label your cosmetics or require professional assistance, seek third-party manufacturing of cosmetic products. Here, we’ll go through some ideas for striking bespoke cosmetic labels.

1. Principal Display Panel (PDP)

The Statement of Identity, which is the product’s name, and the Net Weight of the product should be the first two elements on your cosmetic label design. The front of the package, also known as the Principal Display Panel, or PDP, must bear the Statement of Identity and Net Weight.

2. Statement of Identity

The product name should come first in the Statement of Identity, followed by a description of your product using its common term (mascara, lotion, etc.), a descriptive or imaginative name if the essence of the cosmetic is obvious, or even by way of an illustration. You’ll not only adhere to FDA standards by having the Statement of Identity bright and noticeable on the PDP, but you’ll also ensure that your customers know exactly what they’re purchasing.

3. Net Weight

The Net Weight should be positioned parallel to the base of the package on the bottom 30% of the PDP. So that the Net Weight stays obvious, it should be separated from all other textual information on the PDP.

4. Informational Panel

If your product doesn’t have any exterior packaging, such as a box or wrapper, the Information panel, which normally comprises the Ingredients List, Manufacturer’s Address, and Warnings, can be placed right on the container.

If you don’t have time to do it, consider contract manufacturing of cosmetics that may help you with the information panel on your products.

5. Ingredients List

Cosmetic items also require ingredient lists. Even if the lightest ingredient is the main one, the FDA requires that you list the ingredients from heaviest to lightest. Always refer to an element by its common, proper, or, if necessary, technical name.

6. Name and Address of the Manufacturer

On the information panel, include the name and place of business of the distributor, packer, or maker of your goods.

Include the name of your firm and its address if you produce and package your own cosmetics. You must include the name and address of any independent manufacturers, packers, or distributors you work with.


Cosmetics with accurate labels benefit both you and your customers. Your buyers can rely on their purchasing decision on the cosmetic label’s placement or package of your brand and advertise your products properly.

Third Party Cosmetic Manufacturing in Baddi

If you are looking to correctly label your products, choose a cosmetic manufacturing business in Baddi, i.e., AVN Footsteps! From designing to presentation, research and development to procurement and packaging, as well as third-party manufacturing of cosmetics and collection marketing materials, we provide our clients comprehensive top-to-bottom solutions.

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