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How to Choose Material for Skincare Products?

How to Choose Material For Skincare Products - AVN Footsteps

Further market segmentation and consumers’ rising awareness of anti-wrinkle, elasticity-boosting, pigment-fading, and whitening capabilities lead to the popularity of functional cosmetics among consumers.

According to a study, the market for functional cosmetics was valued at USD 2.9 billion globally in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 4.9 billion by 2028.

Functional skincare products tend to have more straightforward packaging. It has a more cosmeceutical-like package aesthetic. Additionally, there are strict criteria for container compatibility and protection for functional skincare products. This brings to the dire need for choosing a contract cosmetic manufacturing business.

Functional cosmetics typically have a large number of active components in their formulation.

Let’s discuss the ways to choose the right material!

1. Know Your Ingredients and Packaging for Skincare

The need to reformulate their product as a result of an adverse reaction to a certain packaging material is a problem that many brands run across. You may experience several quality problems, such as leaks or contamination if your product and the container are incompatible. Launching a faulty package can also harm a product’s market reputation among consumers and retail establishments. However, you may cut expenses, increase shelf life, and preserve a strong brand image by understanding your ingredients and selecting the appropriate type of material.


2. Durability, functionality, and aesthetics

The ideal packaging materials should entice the customer in addition to safeguarding the skincare products for the duration of their shelf life. In order to shield the product from environmental elements like heat and moisture, the packing material must also be robust and long-lasting. Consider how you want customers to feel about your goods both in a physical store and online.

3. UV-protective packaging is dark in colour

In addition to compatibility, brands and packaging manufacturers are very concerned about potential contamination brought on by the outside environment. This is especially crucial for skincare products with added active components because they could react with sunshine and oxygen. As a result, several dark, light-resistant containers emerge as the best options. Additionally, layering techniques are gaining popularity as a common way to safeguard vital chemicals. If you want to implement it, consider a third-party cosmetic manufacturer typically advises electroplating a coating over solid colour spray finishing or electroplating an opaque coating over dark colour spray finishing for light-sensitive functional cosmetics.

4. Sustainability

Many cosmetics businesses don’t take sustainability into account when selecting product packaging. The most recyclable materials that work with your items should be selected, though.

Although plastic packaging is inexpensive and lightweight, the majority of it is single-use and discarded after use. Glass packaging, on the other hand, is more elegant and adaptable, making it simpler to recycle. The most important thing to remember is that glass can be recycled indefinitely.

5. Airless Bottles

Concerned about functional product application oxidation of active ingredients? An ideal solution is an airless pump. It is really straightforward but efficient. The pump’s internal spring’s retractive force aids in keeping air out. The small piston at the bottom rises a tiny amount with each pump, which causes the goods to be squeezed out. Airless pumps serve two purposes: first, they keep air from entering and preserve the effectiveness of the inside active substances; second, they minimise waste.



Your cosmetics brand can benefit greatly from choosing the appropriate packaging materials for its products. Its design and label exude the personality of your brand.

It can be difficult to choose between various packaging options for your skincare product, but we’re here to assist. We offer a full selection of packaging options and in-house container packaging at AVN Footsteps. As a prominent cosmetic manufacturer in Baddi, your customers will get the right packaging. Contact us right now for assistance with all your packing requirements.

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