How do Cosmetic Manufacturers Make Shampoos for all Hair Types?

How Do Cosmetic Manufacturers make Shampoos for all hair types- third party manufacturer in India

A widely used personal care item for cleansing and treating hair is shampoo.

Additionally, there are now numerous varieties of shampoo available for babies, women, and men.

This post will give readers comprehensive information on how to establish a contract manufacturing of cosmetics like shampoo.

Cosmetic Manufacturers in India

Types of Shampoo Raw Materials Being Used

The basic ingredients in a shampoo formulation are as follows.

  • Water:

About 70 to 80 percent of the total composition is made up of this essential component, which is present in all shampoos. It lessens discomfort, facilitates the spreading of the mixture, and aids in detergent dilution. Additionally, it keeps the formula affordable.

  • Detergents:

Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, and Sodium Laureth Sulfate are examples of common primary detergents. Companies have been employing chemicals like Decyl Glucoside and Lauryl Glucoside in natural shampoos.

  • Foam Boosters

Shampoos often contain additional kinds of surfactants to enhance the formulation’s foaming capabilities. Even though it doesn’t truly alter how effectively the product performs, consumers prefer a lovely, creamy foam. Compounds that promote foam help to improve foam production and bubble size.

  • Cosmetic Thickeners:

The secondary detergents thicken shampoo formulas to some extent. Adding salt alone can also make shampoo thicker.

  • Conditioning Agents:

Polymers, silicones, and quaternary agents are common conditioning or moisturizing substances. After rinsing, these substances remain on the hair surface and alter qualities including feel, softness, combability, and static charge.

  • Preservatives:

Bacteria and other germs have the ability to contaminate any recipe that contains water. Preservatives for cosmetics are therefore used to stop their growth. If you face any difficulty in arranging raw materials for your shampoo, consider a cosmetic manufacturing business in Baddi to do it for you.

  • Additional Components

If desired, shampoos can contain a range of additional ingredients. Ingredients for pH adjustment, chelating agents, opacifying agents, dyes for altering color, perfumes for changing odor, and more.

Shampoo Manufacturing Process

There are two steps to the manufacturing process. A sizable batch of shampoo is first prepared, and then the batch is poured into the containers.

  1. Compounding

Compounding is the term used to describe any kind of large-scale cosmetic manufacture. Compounders are the individuals that combine all the materials in huge stainless-steel containers (3000 gallons or more). The batch tank is filled with the raw materials, which are normally supplied in drums up to 55 gallons in capacity or in 50 lb. bags, and completely mixed there. The formulating chemist chooses the sequence and temperatures.

The majority of the material being pumped and metered straight into the batch tank is made up of some substances, such as water or the primary detergents. Temperature and mixing speed are frequently controlled through a computer interface. Making a batch of shampoo that will fill 3000 gallons might take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours, depending on the quantity and type.

2. Quality Control Check:

A batch is submitted to the quality control division for approval after completion. Here, they check it for the right pH, viscosity, color, odor, and other specified qualities. It is pumped from the main batch tank into a holding tank after being authorized by the QC department so that it can be kept there until the filling lines are ready. The shampoo is pumped into a filler that is situated on the filling line from the holding tank.

Filling. Simply put, the filling line is a lengthy conveyor belt. Empty bottles are deposited into a hopper at the beginning of the filling line. A machine physically moves the bottles until they are upright and pointed in the right direction. They go along the conveyor line to the shampoo-filled filling carousel.

A number of piston filling heads on the filling carousel are tuned to dispense precisely the right amount of shampoo into the bottles. The bottles are automatically filled with shampoo as they pass through this area of the filling line.

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Third Party Cosmetic Manufacturing in Baddi


So, that’s a wrap to the process of manufacturing shampoos!

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