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Advice for Beauty Brands: How to Plan Your Product Launch

Advice for Beauty Brands_ How to Plan Your Product Launch-AVN Footsteps

It takes a lot of work to successfully introduce a new cosmetics product. Whether it’s your first launch or your twentieth, your team must adhere to the correct procedures in the exact order.

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Did you imagine?

From $465 billion in 2017 to $750 billion in 2024, the size of the global beauty business appears to be on the rise.

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To ensure success, the teams of product managers, designers, formulators, marketers, and customer support representatives must all collaborate.

Over the years, we have refined the process into the following steps.

1. Become familiar with the compliance standards

The claims you can make about a product are often subject to severe limitations in the cosmetics sector. Most markets frown upon the use of words like “heal,” “cure,” and even “treat.” Although it is good wisdom to avoid making claims of this nature, each location has its own peculiarities. For instance, it is illegal to advertise cosmetics with the word “waterproof” in South Africa. Antibacterial skin care products cannot be called “antiseptic” or “medicated” in Australia.

Don’t know about compliance standards? If so, don’t worry, simply choose the best contract manufacturing of cosmetics and get to know about official regulations laid down by the government.

2. Select your launch’s primary target.

  • Promotional videos: Videos can be used to tease your product throughout the pre-release period and to give a more thorough explanation of it when the real launch time comes.
  • Invited participation: Examples include holding a makeover event that highlights the product or inviting followers to take part in a private photo session promoting your product.
  • Contests and giveaways: The best location to start a competition with batches of the product as prizes is on Facebook. As an alternative, you may think about including free samples with orders of your current products or advertising freebies at specific stores.

3. Timing

Timing is crucial for building the most buzz possible around the product. The last thing you want is to generate a sudden demand for your product only to discover that it is still in transit or for the product to launch into the market with little or no publicity. When choosing a feasible launch date, you should always consult your product development team.

4. Find the influencers who fit your brand

There is no denying that the beauty industry is completely smitten with influencers. Cult goods, trends, and must-haves routinely appear on YouTube, blogger websites, and Instagram, often driving the market in unexpected directions while still playing a significant role in mainstream advertising and media.

Products from other countries can become well-liked among bloggers due to their exotic and difficult-to-get status. Beauty consumers are typically partial to novelty and exclusivity. A fantastic illustration of this dynamic in action is the rise in popularity of Korean cosmetics in the UK and the US.

5. Get the insights you need and measure your success

Setting attainable objectives and KPIs for your launch campaign early on is crucial. This requires clarifying what success actually entails, such as increasing website traffic, cultivating relationships with your followers, and, of course, increasing sales.

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