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3 Ways Technology is Driving the Beauty Brand Forward

3 Ways Technology is Driving the Beauty Brand Forward-AVN Footsteps

So, in the previous post, we’ve discussed the anti-ageing skincare ingredients that should be in your skincare products!

But what if you have already implemented these ingredients? What would you do next?

Well, you’ve got the answer in your mind!

You will now need to work on adopting “Technology” to drive your brand forward!

In a highly competitive marketplace, beauty businesses are employing everything from artificial intelligence (AI) to augmented reality (AR) to keep their customers interested. But, do such inventions function, or are they just marketing gimmicks?

Although beauty technology has been available for decades, it is only in the last few years that the market has exploded, with forecasts that it will exceed $34 billion by 2024.

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1. AI and AR to Improve the Future of Beauty Technology.

When it comes to enhancing client interaction, artificial intelligence and augmented reality-powered smart solutions have become a standard for many leading cosmetic firms. These smart technologies enable organizations to gain insight into key customer behavior data, such as the types of beauty goods clients are interested in and the most important beauty needs they have.

These smart technologies also allow firms to make individualized product suggestions, allowing them to supply consumers with useful beauty product recommendations.

2. Virtual ‘Try On’ Apps

Beauty firms are increasingly using augmented reality (AR) to enhance the experience as we do more of our shopping online.

AR and AI beauty tech is revolutionizing the way consumers shop for beauty products across the omnichannel shopping journey, from in-store to online and via social commerce platforms, with the ability to virtually try on countless beauty products such as eyeliners, and brow fillers, lip colours, and foundation shades..

These smart technologies will evolve to better serve, entertain, and engage consumers in the future of the beauty sector as consumers continue to look to the cosmetic manufacturing business in Baddi for these interactive and engaging purchasing experiences.

3. Ingredient Transparency

While technology is breaking down barriers and allowing for the creation of custom product formulas for consumers, it is also allowing for greater scrutiny of beauty firms and the components used in their products.

Almost three-quarters of customers (72%) want businesses to clarify what an ingredient does, and 42% say they don’t get enough information on ingredient safety. Additionally, more than 60% want brands to identify the sources of substances used.

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The Future of Beauty: A Look Forward

The beauty technology industry is vast and ever-changing. Consumers will grow to expect these individualized buying experiences from businesses as beauty tech integrations such as virtual try-on become more important in purchasing journeys.

They’ll look for brands that offer not only fun shopping experiences and personalized product recommendations, but also personalized beauty consultations, tutorials, and guidance.

Look no further than AVN Footsteps if you want to make your cosmetic production company a giant.

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